GOFAST Investment

Gofast’s vision is to be the world’s largest payment solution company, and to begin we have built a platform where people can securely do international money transfers and offer professional services without barriers.


Our kind of business (Global Remittances) is valued at over $554 billion (World Bank Report, April 2020), and for every $1 we make on transactions on our platform initiated by up to 3 million users, the value of Gofast and it’s solution increases.

You are invited to join our investment scheme and reap great benefits with us. Choose from one of the packages below to get started.



This package offers a return of 30% on amount invested. Tenure is 6 months

$ 255 – $ 1,270


This package offers a return of 60% on amount invested. Tenure is 1 year

$ 2,540 – $ 7,600


This package offers a return of 70% p.a. on amount invested. Tenure is 2 years

$ 12,700 – $ 25,310

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GOFAST International Projects Ltd.

GOFAST International Projects Ltd. is a Financial Technology firm that specializes in the creation and deployment of convenience software applications for mobile and web platforms. Our flagship solution the GOFAST Money Transfer App, available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store seeks to facilitate seamless,  fast and efficient money transfer operations world-wide, at cheap rates. Continue…

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