Investing in Gofast

GOFAST International Projects Ltd. is a Financial Technology firm that specializes in the creation and deployment of convenience software applications for mobile and web platforms. 

Our flagship solution the GOFAST Money Transfer App, available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store seeks to facilitate seamless,  fast and efficient money transfer operations world-wide, at cheap rates.

In other words, we make profit from providing top-notch global remittance services.


Global Remittances Data


1% charge on $ 100 (least remittance per month) = $ 1 per user

$ 1 × 3million Gofast users = $ 3 million monthly

$ 3million × 12 months = $ 36 million yearly

With a starting
market share of less than 1% of the global value of the remittances business, Gofast is solidly on the path to breaking even on investments in 2 years, with surplus in profits to expand operations in subsequent years. 

Download the fine details on our investment plan, returns and company portfolio.

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